Stud fee agreement


We, Kelly’s English Bulldogs, agree to allow use of Cookie’s Sir Zoro of Muggsley for breeding purposes in exchange for a $500 stud fee.

Stud service is defined as once for surgical implant or up to three times for artificial insemination. Stud fee does not include mileage or shipping. Mileage is .75 per mile, one way, per trip.

Payment is to be made at time of mating.

We, Kelly’s English Bulldogs, are not responsible for incorrect testing done to predict ovulation.

We, Kelly’s English Bulldogs, do not guarantee live births upon whelping. One puppy constitutes a litter.

In the event the female fails to become pregnant, a return stud service will be offered to the same female within one year of mating. If the female fails to become pregnant a second time, no return service will be offered for the second mating. We cannot guarantee your female to be fertile. Service cannot be transferred to a different female. Return stud service does not include mileage.

We, Kelly’s English Bulldogs, are not responsible for any veterinarian expenses incurred by the owner of any female bred by our male.


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