Our Guarantee

Kelly’s English Bulldogs


You or your refers to the buyer

We or us refers to Kelly’s English Bulldogs

Your puppy will be honestly represented and evaluated as accurately as possible. You must have the puppy thoroughly examined by a licensed veterinarian (at your own expense) within three days of receiving puppy. If your veterinarian finds cause for return such as a birth defect or any other incurable illness, we must be notified immediately.

If within three days from the time you take possession of the puppy it is found by a licensed veterinarian not to be in good health, we will issue a refund, or replacement if available, upon receipt by us of puppy in question. You are responsible for any and all shipping expense required in returning the puppy safely to us.

Until the puppy is one year old, should it be diagnosed of congenital/hereditary disorder, which is considered by two unassociated veterinarians to seriously impact the quality of life, short of euthanasia, or require continuous medical treatment throughout the course of the puppy’s life, we will, upon provision of veterinary reports, provide you with the following options:

1. Should you choose to keep the puppy and accept partial refund, we will, upon receiving proof of spay or neuter, refund 50 percent of the purchase price less any and all shipping fees. Or……..

2. Should you choose to relinquish ownership of the puppy to us, we will replace if available, or refund purchase price less any and all shipping and/or handling fees or any misc. charges necessary to transport the puppy back to us. You are responsible for any and all shipping and/or crate fees required in returning the puppy safely back to us. AKC and/or APRI registration papers must be returned, signed back to us, and accompanying said puppy.

If your Veterinarian states that your pup has loose hips shortly after receiving him or her, you must allow your pup 3 months time before we will consider this to be congenital. Every Veterinarian has a different opinion of how tight a pups hips should be and with this breed it can vary. If after 3 months your Veterinarian feels they are still loose, you will then need to get a second opinion.

The buyer understands the following slight genetic defects are not considered serious or life threatening and therefore are not covered… Umbilical Hernia, Inguinal Hernia, Demodectic Mange, Cherry Eyes, Entropion, Ectropion, Elongated Soft Palate, Cork Screw Tail, Under Bite, Over Bite and Undescended Testicles.

Size, color and temperament are not guaranteed.

Veterinary expenses incurred by you, for any reason, will not be our responsibility. AKC and/or APRI registration papers and pedigree will be mailed to you as soon as we receive confirmation of puppy’s safe arrival.

Even though we don’t restrict the ability to breed pups purchased from us, we do not guarantee that they will or should produce offspring.

This guarantee becomes null and void if all of the terms and conditions are not fulfilled.


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