More happy customers

    ACE  -  Now known as  TANK

We just wanted to thank you again for such a beautiful puppy.  He is settling in well.  Our other dog Chopper can not get enough of him.  They are getting along really well, the only problem is they want the same toy at the same time.  They both chew on an end at the same time until one of them gives it up.  I attached a few pictures just so you can see how he is adjusting.  He is such a cutie pie!  We love him very much!  Please keep in touch, we will keep you updated on him.

Thanks again,

The Macis Family

Maryland, USA

     CHOPPER – Now known as  BRUISER


Hi Jim,I meant to write you an e-mail yesterday, and give you a update.  He is doing great! our son LOVES him! We renamed him to bruiser, and it seems to fit him.  Thank you so much for meeting us in st. louis, and giving us such a beautiful puppy!  I wish you and your family all the best, and happy holidays!!

Thanks again!!

Andrew and Alison

Illinois, USA

    DAYLEN -Now known as BIGGIE

To the Kelly Family,

Thank you so much for bringing such a wonderful puppy into our lives. Not only was the process simple and fast, but you always answered our questions right away! We just want to let you know that Biggie is an absolute joy to be around! Every single person that comes in contact with him absolutely adores him. He has been adjusting so well and he LOVES attention. He’s even catching on to the “potty routine” and rarely has any accidents. Literally, every one of our friends wants an English Bulldog and your family is definitely recommended. It is so obvious to see that Biggie comes from a loving and caring home because he is so friendly and happy all the time. We will be sure to keep you up to date on him as he grows and send you lots of pictures. Thank you again for being so great and making our year end off with such a beautiful puppy.

Thank You and Happy Holidays,

Agnes & Jon
New Jersey

P.S. Attached are some pictures (My boyfriend LOVES him)


     Amos -Now known as Jarvis

    I have been looking for a bulldog for many years now. I could never find the right time or the right dog for me until now. I found Jim and his puppies through the internet. I was a little worried because I wasn’t sure if this was for real because it was through the internet and I am from Indiana and they are located in Missouri. However, Jim made the process very easy. He emailed me often and answered any questions I had and gave me more information than I asked for. This process was very enjoyable and relaxing. Jim and his bullies are for real and I recommend purchasing a new member of the family through him. My pup was in excellent condition and I could tell that he had someone who was taking great care of him. Jim’s dogs look great and have a great manner. The vet we went to said that it is one of the best looking bullies she has ever seen. Again, I strongly recommend purchasing a bullie from Jim. He makes the process easy, relaxing, and very very quick.

Thank you so much Jim.
Josh Coonce, Lindsay Bohde, and Jarvis!

Indiana, USA 

   Tootsie – Now known as Keila

Hi Jim, Just wanted to let you know that we have received Tootsie and the girls are more than excited to have her they wont give her a minute to breathe, and she is actually bigger than what i expected to be but nevertheless BEAUTIFUL!!!


Thank You so very much

Nishelle and Family

California, USA

      Bonny – Now known as Trudy

 Hi Jim and Charree! 

We are ready!! We went shopping today for her and she will be spoiled, the boys each picked out a toy for her, and she has a cozy bed waiting for her.  We are so excited.  We will make sure to give you a call once she arrives.  We have been talking about names tonight and will make sure to send photos ASAP.  Thanks for all your help and support in the selection process, we can’t tell you how great you have been.  Please let Charree know I appreciate her time and helping us select the best pup to join our family!!  Talk with you soon!

Hello!!!  Bonny is here safe and sound and getting all kinds of attention – we are loving her to pieces!!  We will send photos soon!!  Thanks again for all your support and help!

Tim & Stacy Ford

Michigan, USA

  Rocky -Still known as Rocky    ( aka “Rocket Dog” )

Hey Jim,

I just wanted to let you know that Rocky is doing well in his new home.  So much so that Julia took him to work for part of the day today.  Shelby is really taken with him (until he lays on her blanket).  Also, we took him to the vet today and he commented that he was one of the best look bullies he has seen.


Thanks to you and your wife for being so kind as to let us get him early.

We have included some pictures for you.


Scott & Julia Crenshaw

Arkansas, USA

     Brutus – still known as Brutus







   Sweetheart – now known as Sophie

I just wanted to let you know Sweetheart now (Sophie) is doing great. She is just a doll, very spoiled and we love her lots!! She is sitting here with me now trying to bite my toes. Yes I got the papers yesterday, Thanks a bunch for the rush and the pics are great.

Thanks again.

JILL and Sophie

New York USA


     Rufus – still known as Rufus

Hello Kelly family,

Rufus went to the vet today and everyone loved him. He got kisses from all the nurses and the veterinarian said that is a very healthy puppy. He gave me toothpaste to brush his teeth and some vitamins, besides that we are doing great. Rufus is a great dog, were still going threw the potty training but with everyday it gets easier. He likes to chew up everything around him but that’s ok we love him anyway. Well that’s it I will send more pictures as he gets older and thank you again for giving me such a beautiful dog.

Tosha & family

New Jersey, USA


   Suzy – Now known as Isabelle

                                                                           aka  Izzy

Dan was shocked and thrilled!
She is doing great. We finally agreed on Isabelle, and we call her Izzy – not too
far from Suzy. Everyone loves her and we just are entertained by everything she does.
She is a dear.


Illinois, USA


     Sarge – still known as Sarge

Hi Jim-

We just returned from the vet and Sarge was given a clean bill of health. The vet said he was a very good example of the breed. We are so pleased to have him and even happier that we know he’s healthy. As soon as we get pictures, we’ll be sure to send some to you.

Take care.

Nicole & Family

New York, USA

Hi Jim & Charree!

I took him to the vet about 3 weeks ago and he weighed 18.5lbs. I think he might have a complex because I call him my little moo moo.  lol!   We’ve started feeding him Royal Canine Large Puppy. He enjoys his food. He is definitely a main attraction at PetSmart. Strangers come up to us asking if they can take his picture. He’s a celebrity! Andy and I make sure we tell everyone where we got him too. I can’t thank you enough for the great experience we had and even more what a great puppy!

He has made such a great addition to our family! We love him soooo much! We’d love to add another one to our family so when your ready, we will be too.

Take Care-

Nicole & Family


     Sophia – Now known as Rosie


Our little Rosie has dug her way into our hearts.

We are working on the house breaking and she has gotten the nights down perfect. Today, while Annie was out in the snow, Rosie and I snuggled on the couch.

She and Annie are getting along though Annie tries to lift Rosie by the scruff of her neck! There is no hair, only skin. Rosie can hold her own when it comes to Annie.

Yesterday they were chasing each other around the center island in the kitchen and both were exhausted. Rosie loves to dive bomb into the snow.

Tomorrow, we will visit my vet and get on a schedule of vaccinations.

Thanks again. She is a real sweetheart.


New York, USA

       Piper – Now known as Bubba


Here is the latest picture of Bubba in his new sweatshirt. He has been
such a great addition. My girlfriend loves when he falls asleep in her
arms and snores and I have already taught him to sit and stay (we are
working on laying down but he hasn’t grasped the concept yet). He loves
his squeaky toys and is not a huge fan of the neighborhood walks yet.
Potty training has been going well the past few days – most likely
because it has been warmer out and doesn’t mind being outside.
Otherwise, he is doing great and getting bigger every day! He even is
going to go see his half brother, Biggie, and Agnes this weekend which
will be fun for him. He loves other dogs and always enjoys going to my
mother’s house with her four Field Spaniels to play with them. We’ll
keep you posted with new pictures when he gets a little bigger!!

- Justin and Brielle

New Jersey, USA

   Preston – still known as Preston

I thank god everyday that he gave us such a wonderful dog! Preston is doing great, he loves playing outside with the kids. He’s my big baby and every one loves him!! He was the perfect addition to our family. He is my baby and we love him very much.

Thanks a bunch,


Texas, USA


    Porter – Now known as Cody

Porter now Cody is doing great. He loves the kids and loves his new buddy (our boxer). He is getting bigger, he is such a little pig. He tries to push the boxer out of the way so he can have her food as well.



Colorado, USA


     Patrick now known as Captain Morgan aka Pork Chop

Hey Jim & Charree,

We just wanted to let you know that everyone here just loves Captain Morgan aka Pork chop. Thanks for a great dog!

Jerry & Amanda

Missouri USA

    Bart now known as Joey


We received our beautiful 8-week old puppy this weekend, and he is 

everything we hoped for. He appears to have been very well socialized

already, and he has adjusted to our home very quickly. We took him to 

the vet yesterday, and he is in perfect health. We are amazed at how 

quickly he’s learning to become house-trained too. Jim and Charree 

have been very helpful and extremely prompt in answering all our 

questions, even on the weekend, which is when our puppy arrived. 

You can tell the puppies are well cared for in every way. We highly 

recommend Kelly’s English Bulldogs to anyone looking to add a sweet 

bulldog to their home. We are so happy with Joey!


Michele, Geneva, and Erika

Bothell, Washingtom

  Brick still known as Brick


Hi Jim and Charree,


My family and I can’t thank you enough for Brick. He has already taken over

the house as well as the hearts of everyone in it. We took him to our vet

today and they said that they have never seen a finer example of an 

English Bulldog. He is perfect. He is 100% healthy and he came from an 

excellent breeder. We are thrilled that we have gotten the chance to buy

one of your pups and meet you in person. Brick is a new member of our

loving family and will bring us years of laughs and joy. We will be buying 

from you again and everyone that has seen our Brick asks where he came

from. I tell them as I would tell anyone. You may use us as a reference to

anyone who asks. We are completely satisfied with our Brick. I will send 

some pictures soon. Thank you for warming our hearts.


The Jarden Family

Clayton, IL, USA

 Bruno now known as Bentley


Hi Jim,


Things are going great here for us and Bentley. He had a checkup 

at the vet and everything looks good. Didn’t know how he would 

like this colder Wyoming weather but it didn’t seem to bother him

at all and he is really enjoying playing in the snow when he is outside.

I did receive the paperwork on Saturday. Once again thanks for

everything, Bentley is just awesome. We will send some pictures 

and an update here in a couple of months or so. 




Wyoming, USA



   Bronson now known as Baxter


Hi Jim,

Everything is going well. He is adjusting to his new home quite a 

bit easier than I expected. He is doing really well, taking to potty

training fairly readily and gets along with everyone. He loves to 

play and cuddle. We decided to name him Baxter. We’ll get some

pics out to you soon.


Jim and Karie

Missouri, USA

  Buck now known as Vern


Buck who we now call Vern (after our deceased elder friend)

is doing great. He is quite the little talker. He is full of spunk

and already is letting everyone know who the boss is. He has

a lot of new friends and is doing pretty good on potty training

too. I’ll send you pictures at a later date and try to keep you

informed on how he is growing. Thank you for producing such

a beautiful little guy, we love him lots.


Keep in Touch

Mary Jo

Nebraska, USA

  Bandit now known as Chubbs


Hey Jim and Charree


He is here!! Oh my God I’m in love!!! He looks Great, 

very nice coat. He is doing great! We re-named him

Chubbs:) Thank you sooo much. If you ever 

need references, we will be more than happy to.



Massachusetts, USA

  Brody still known as Brody


Hi Jim and Charree,


Everything is going great. We are keeping his 

name Brody, we love that name and it fits him 

great. We have only had two accidents so far.

Last night was a little hard with the crying but

we got through it. Brody and Tuck (our boxer) 

are getting into a lot of trouble together. We

also took him to the vet today and everything is

good. The doctor said he is a very healthy puppy.

We’ll send you pictures of him when he is older.

Take care,

Hillary, Joe, Tyson, Tuck and Brody

New York, USA

 BAM BAM still known as BAM BAM 


Thought I’d send you guys some pics of Bam Bam. He is a wonderful addition to our growing family. He is very loved and VERY spoiled. He has a huge personality and always keeps us laughing. He likes to hide and is very afraid of anything that looks strange or makes loud noises and will run for his life. But his favorite thing to do is play in the river and playtime with any other dog; Oh yeah, and his stuffed animals!



Alabama, USA

 Armstrong now known as Roman  

Armstrong’s new name is Roman and he actually comes to it.

He’s doing really good, him & our other dog Jenna get along 

great. They are best friends; they played together for an 

hour in our field. He’s amazing,he’s the cutest thing; 

everyone loves him. I’ve been trying to take pictures of him 

but he likes to lick the lens or my cell phone. I really love him;

he’s perfect; he’s my new best friend.





Update 1/4/11  


Hey Jim,

I hope you & your family had a Merry Christmas! I wanted to 

send pictures of Roman in his Santa hat but it didn’t fit & he 

wasn’t very cooperative when I put the reindeer ears on him lol.

Thank you so much for Roman! I love him so much he is my very

best friend & goes every where with me, even to work; my co

workers love to hang out with him, when I go hang out with my 

friends they always say make sure to bring Roman.My family loves

him too especially my dad, he spoils him rotten. Roman is doing

great. He weighs 40 pounds now & eats super healthy, he loves

his peas & carrots & bananas. He knows his basic commands except

for paw, we’re still trying to master that one but he is one stubborn 

little bully. He is a healthy, energetic, & very strong puppy. Well

I hope you & your family has a Happy New Year & I look forward

to seeing the new puppies. One of my dads friends is interested

in getting a puppy from your expecting litters. I attached some 

pictures, I hope you enjoy.




  Axel  still known as Axel


Hi Jim,


Axel went to his well puppy check up today and passed with

flying colors (I knew he would). The vet complimented his

disposition and said he was the best looking bulldog he has

seen in a long time! He nicknamed him Axel from the show

me state!! His name will remain Axel as it suits him well. 

Thank you once again for the love of our lives! My daughter

is interested in a pup so as soon as you have another litter

please let me know.



Texas, USA

  Conrad then now known as Mack


Hi Jim,


We got Conrad! He is absolutely beautiful! But this we knew already! And

you guys could not have been more on, he has the best personality! Super

playful and lovable! We could not be happier! The driver also said he was

great during transport!


Again thanks so much!


Best, Forte family in RI




Hi Jim,


Conrad is doing great!!! I think he has already gotten so big!! We decided to name him 

Mack!! We are working on crate training / house training and he seems to be taking to it!!

He is still super playful and just loves to be outside all day! He is the neighborhood celebrity

already! Everyday we go for walks and I have to make sure he says hi to everyone on our

road! He really loves to play with my aunt and uncle’s dog, Ozzy who is a miniature 

schnauzer. We are waiting until he is a little bigger to introduce him to our friend’s bulldog!




Hey Jim,


You will be glad to know Mack has his second visit at the vet and was a rock star! He 

has such a great temperament he does not mind the vet at all. Vet loved his tail said it was

a great tail and that we lucked out :) . He also has been growing like a maniac, he has 

gained 3 lbs in 2 weeks!! And he has been amazing with my little cousins and the kids I

nanny for. 

On Saturday Mack started puppy class and he did such a great job! We may be bias but 

we think he is very smart and our trainer thinks so too.

 Conner now known as Boom


Hi Jim,


Conner aka Sonny Boom Boom Scher is doing great. He’s been sleeping

through the night just fine and is rapidly growing. He loves his belly

rubbed and wrestling about. We couldn’t be happier.


Thank You,

Ashley, Mike & Boom in PA

Willie now known as Memo

Hello Jim,

I’m sorry for the delay in the update for Willie, now known as Memo.
I figured I’d change William to Spanish (Guillermo) & short name Memo.
My girls love the name & the rest of my family instantly fell in love with
him. He’s doing well and adjusting very well in his new home & environment.
At first he was shy but now he’s pretty comfortable with his surroundings.
He has two homes since my parents sit him during the day while I work
and I pick him up after work.

The vet visit went well and found him to be a healthy pup. He’s been
a little congested which the doc contributed to maybe the travel here
& being with other dogs in the van. I will be submitting his paperwork
this week & I’ve already changed the microchip over to my name. I’ve
attached a few pics so you guys can update your site if you’d like.

I wanted to thank you for everything & I will be referring you to future
potential buyers.

Josue’ in CT, USA


Now known as Harley




Hi Jim, she is doing amazing. She’s full of energy and chasing dogs around, being a bullie haha. She’s eating and drinking alot and I’m trying to keep her on carpet and grass to help strength up the hips. I’ve already noticed improvements with her walking and running. She recognizes us and our voices and we are having alot of fun with her. She’s a great addition to start our family. We thought about her name all day Saturday on the drive back and finally decided Saturday night before going to the pet store. We went with Harley, I think its a suiting name. She’s adorable and we have a ton of fun with her. So thank you again for her. Ill send a couple pictures of her that we’ve been taking.  Ill be sending more pictures as she gets old.

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