Letters from happy customers

Letters From Happy Customers


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Cinamon – now known as Bee

Hello Kelly Family,

Just a quick update to let you know that “Bee” is adjusting very well to her new home.She seems to do a little better each night and has only had a few “accidents”. She went to the Vet (Dr. Robert Lynch) on Monday and everything checked out perfect! Jean-Anne has been bringing Bee to work with her in the mornings for a few hours so she has not been alone much at all.She just wants to hang out with her people. Bee has also met some of the neighborhood dogs (Shadow an Australian Shepard, and Ikko a Samoyed) and has proved herself to be pretty much fearless and self assured in all situations so far! She has quickly become part of the family and is a big hit with all who meet her.

Take Care
The McAllister Family FLORIDA, USA

Sugar – now known as Tori

Jim and Charree-

She is a joy!  She and our other puppy Teeka slept together
in a playpen all night long.  Not even a whimper.  She is also catching on
to the potty routine.  It helps to have an older female  (Tulla) for the
younger to learn from.  She fits right into our crew.

Her new name is Tori Missouri’s Ice Flurry.

Thank you for sending such a wonderful healthy puppy.  I also want to thank
you for all the pictures, APRI pedigree and all the other goodies.  They
came in today’s mail.

I will definately keep you posted.  Our local paper has a cutest pet contest
and I think I’ll enter her, I bet she’ll win, I’ll let you know!

Karri Shipp



UPDATE  ABOUT  TORI -             

Jim and Charree,

Tori is now a prize winning pet.  I am sending a picture of her and her prize, which right now she is fighting our other puppy over.  The toys anyway.      


PS Take note of all the new spots.  And so far they are all black.  She is sooooo CUTE!





Princess – still known as Princess

Jim and Charree,

Thank you for our baby girl “Princess”.  She definately is a princess in her mind.  Derringer (our male bulldog) and her are best friends and will hardly leave each other alone.  I think they knew it was love at first sight!  You both are great people and treat your dogs just like family.  It is really nice to get a puppy from such a loving home!  I can’t thank you enough for how wonderful she is.  I will definately recommend you to other people looking for English Bulldogs.  I look forward to doing business with you again.  We will keep you up to date on Princess and her new family. 
Thank you,
Linsey, LMC Bulldogs
Missouri, USA

Butterscotch – now known as Bella

Hi Jim & Charree

Bella – aka Butterscotch is doing GREAT!! She is such a sweetheart, very rambunctious with Nathan & Megan and the exact opposite with me –  she’s so sweet and calm. As soon as we have some pictures of the two of them and the family all together we will be sure and send them!
Our vet was very impressed with Bella, and the puppy packet that was sent! They also remarked how sweet and calm for a puppy she was :)  
She has been FANTASTIC about housebreaking, a couple of accidents, but over night for about 6 1/2 hours she has only once had an accident in her crate! She did chew a Coach wallet – but that was all my fault, she did it on the drive home – it was dark and I had her on my lap so shame on me!! We are so pleased with her, thank you so much Jim for everything you and Charree have done. The entire process was a breeze and what a great puppy we got out of it! I only wish you guys were closer, Charree and I seemed to have common interests. I hope that as Bella gets older you won’t mind if we ask questions, we are really hoping she will turn into a great companion for Hoss and possibly have a litter of her own one day. We will be in touch!
Thank you again
Suzanna Holliday
          Ruby  -  Still known as Ruby
Hi Jim,

 Ruby still goes by ”Ruby,” and she is doing great!! It’s been fun with Bella and Hoss. I am happy to report they are all getting along great! She’s a sweet puppy but has Bella’s wild side and energy.

We couldn’t have been happier and Megan in particular is loving having her own puppy! She was in the news last week here with Ruby since they were doing a story on the popularity of Bulldogs being back in the top ten AKC breeds. I will send you the picture they used for the story and the one they put up in the evening on our NBC channel.

Thank you both for everything you have done, the amazing two girls we have from you, and for loving your dogs as much as we love ours! Please keep in touch and we will do the same!

Suzanna, Nathan, and Megan

(Hoss, Bella, and Ruby)

Virginia, USA





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