In Loving Memory

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                        Cookie Loo Kelly

                            8/19/2004  -  9/18/2008

It is with deep sadness that we grieve the loss of our precious Cookie Loo. Cookie was our first Bulldog. We bought her when she was 8 weeks old and fell in love with her ….. and bulldogs in general. I called her my “Queen” since she was the one that started this love affair with Bulldogs. She was a large part of our lives for the 4 years we had her and will be remembered and missed everyday from now on.

She was in perfect health and just gave birth to her 3rd litter of pups less than 48 hours before her death. I was eating supper around 9pm and she sat at my feet begging for food, as usual, and I gave in to her wanting eyes. I figured she deserved a treat and I gave her a porkchop bone to chew on.

She showed no signs of anything being wrong until around 1am when she wanted outside to do her business and started trying to throw-up. I could hear flem in her throat and she was not acting like herself so I rushed her to the emergency vet but before I could get her there about 30 minutes later, she was gone…….just that quick! The autopsy found a piece of porkchop bone lodged in her digestive tract that apparently caused her to choke on her own flem.

 I told the vet that since the stores sell bones for dogs to chew, that I figured a porkchop bone was no worse ( not like chicken bones that splinter ) and that she had gotten into the trash before and had eaten far worse things than that and the vet said most of the time it would not have caused a problem……..but it only takes once. He also said those bones the stores sell occasionally have to be surgically removed too.

No matter how much you are tempted ………Never, Never, Never give your dogs bones to chew, especially Bulldogs as they tend to swallow things whole. I know I never will again.

apri cert cookie 2-1.jpg

Cookie was a APRI CHAMPION and AKC registered.


Poochie 010107-8s.jpg
Picadilly Poochie Pudoddle
12/23/05 – 7/25/07

We lost our beloved Poochie on 7/25/07.  She died suddenly from what the vet called a “twisted gut”. 

She was fine the evening before, playing and licking faces as usual.  The next morning she was panting and her belly was very tight . Before we could get her to the vet, she died. This was around 9:15 am.  The vet said we probably wouldn’t have been able to have saved her even if we had gotten her there. 

We are heartbroken and miss her very much. She will always be remembered as our “smoochie poochie” because she was so quick with the tongue.



12/23/05 - 8/7/13

Captain Jack Charmin 12/23/05-8/7/13


2013 has been a tough year for us at Kelly’s English Bulldogs. We lost our Captain Jack one evening when he was acting alot the same way Cookie did when she choked on the pork chop bone. I rushed him to the emergency vet thinking maybe he could retrieve whatever was causing him to have such a hard time taking in a breath. When the vet tried looking into his mouth, he resisted and began to vomit which made breathing even harder. Before the vet could do anything to help him, Captain Jack passed away. It was a helpless feeling not being able to help him breathe and watching his life leave him before my eyes. We think he had been chewing on rocks or something (as bulldogs will do sometimes) and  must have swallowed one which became lodged in his throat passageway. We miss our Captain Jack and his ornery ways.


Cookie's Chocolate Chip-a-roo 11/28/06-11/19/13



We also lost our Chip in 2013. He was my best buddy, always wanting to be with me and faithful almost to a fault. He would sometimes get to go with me to work and he would follow me wherever I went. He thought he was a lap dog, and I would usually oblige him even if he did weigh about 80 lbs. 

One evening Chip acted like he couldn’t see where he was going. I took him to the vet and blood work showed him to be healthy in every way. His eyes looked a little irritated so the vet prescribed drops for his eyes. The next few days, his eyes were looking better but he still couldn’t see and would walk in circles in his pen, knocking over his water bowl and defecating in his pen even though he could go outside at will. He was not only blind but disoriented too. The vet said his eyes were looking good and he should be able to see so it wasn’t his eyes but some kind of disconnect to his brain. He either had to have a brain tumor or had had a stroke at some point.  He progressively worsened to the point of having to put him to sleep. That was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make.

 It was obvious that Chip loved me and I certainly loved him too. He will always hold a special place in our hearts. 


Darling Dottie Doolittle 12/23/05 - 2/19/16

We had to say goodbye to our Darling Dottie Doolittle after 10 plus years of enjoying her company and sweet (and sometimes kinda’ ornery) way. She was such a sweetheart and everyone that knew her loved her very much. We loved her deeply and she will always be remembered fondly. Rest in peace Dottie Do.


Cookie's Sir Zoro of Muggsley 9/16/08 - 7/4/16

Zoro was such a handsome guy and healthy and strong as an ox. We really don’t know for sure what even happened. He had a tooth pulled 4 days earlier and was on antibiotics but was eating well and acting completely normal. I fed him before heading to work about 6pm July 3rd and he ate like normal but when I got home at 7:30am July 4th, he had passed sometime during the morning hours. He looked like he just passed away in his sleep. He will be greatly missed. RIP our handsome Zoro.


Holly Berry Kelly 12/23/05 - 2/9/17

We had to say goodbye to our sweet Holly Berry after a little over 11 years of life with us. We raised her from day one as she was the last surviving pup of Cookie’s original litter. She was getting pretty feeble and developed a large lump so the decision was made to not make her suffer through treatments. We will miss our Holly Berry.



2/2/2016 – 9/13/2017

It is with great sadness that we said good-bye to our sweet Angelina. She was 1 1/2 weeks away from giving birth to her first litter, which was going to be six or more, when she passed away from pregnancy complications. She was such a good sweet girl and will be sorely missed.





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