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Lulu still known as Lulu

I wanted to write and thank you again for sending me Lulu. We may change her name but her current name is kind of growing on us. She is such a beautiful puppy. We have her first vet appointment Saturday afternoon. She has been so wonderful and of course very mischievous in her first 20 hours here or so. We have a lot of training to do. She has had an upset belly, (I think from the transport company changing her food and then us changing her food to her permanent food). Other than that she has been running and playing with my other puppy and she seems so happy.
She is a wonderful dog. I will send you a picture sometime soon. I will certainly recommend your business as well. Thanks again. —MDR
Waldo now known as Dexter
Hi Jim,Dexter is an adorable puppy!!
He’s already clean and knows where he can and cannot go (doesn’t mean he doesn’t go where he can’t, but he knows he can’t….). I’m really surprised to see how smart he is, I wasnt expecting that.
He’s definitely a beloved member  of the family!!!
Do you think he looks more like his dad or his mom?Cynthia


Hoss – Male - 
Hoss still known as Hoss
Dear Jim and Charree,

Me, Mick, and the kids wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying Hoss. He has been a great addition to our family. He is almost 4 months old now and weighs 29 pounds! That weight will certainly compliment his wide stance and strong frame. We have been literally stopped on the street numerous times by people who want to see him and Brutus because they are such good looking bullies. Hoss has a great disposition and a wonderful personality, along with the typical dose of stubbornness of course. When we got Brutus from you four years ago we knew that we wouldn’t ever buy from anyone else because you breed such high quality pups. They are such good boys! You have both been so kind and helpful in raising our beloved Bulldogs! It was such a pleasure meeting you both when you delivered Hoss to us here in Montana. I have attached some pictures of the two of them. We look forward to continuing to stay in touch.
Thompson Family
Montana, USA

Donnie now known as Frankie









One part of my life that I hadn’t realized I was missing until the day his little 8 lb body was held in my hands for the first time is my pup Frank. In only a year and a half he has become my best friend, my rock and the reason I smile so often everyday. Frankie may be the biggest little s__t head in the entire world but I wouldn’t trade him for the world. Today I’m thankful for some higher power bringing this seal into my life. I love you buddy, more than you will ever know.

Janet Bailey
California, USA


Petey now known as Sheldon

We just can’t thank you enough for little Sheldon! He is an angel and the MOST PERFECT puppy EVER! Potty training is going great and he’s sleeping through the night! :) Thank you Kelly Family!

Erin O’Connor,  Indiana, USA

————————————–Follow Up  ———————————–

We can’t thank you enough for our beautiful puppy, Sheldon (Petey)! He is the absolute sweetest and BEST PUPPY EVER!!  He brings lots of joy to our hearts & everyone who meets him! I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful holiday and I will be keeping in touch :)

Cheers,    Erin & Brad & Sheldon too!

PS Sheldon is sooo spoiled, he even got a beer named after him! My dad brews homemade beer & was soooo excited to create these labels for Sheldon! 



Pokey still known as Pokey

Hi Jim,

Pokey is doing great!! He is fitting right in! He is very energetic and lazy haha. He has been pretty easy to housebreak and sleeps all through the night. We took him to our veterinarian Saturday Morning to have his check up and he said he is a very healthy pup. He goes back for his shots late December and then January. I’ll attach some photos

Tyler Westerfield,    Oklahoma, USA




Just thinking of how you’d like an updated photo of our little guy! He’s doing great!!! Can’t imagine life with out him!   -Laura



Hey Jim,

Tickles is doing great! We decided to rename him Bane. Over this week, his personality has really came out. He is very playful and is learning well. My vet said he was in great health too. Thank you so much for checking up on him and being available to answer questions. Bane is a great addition to my family!

Thank you,
Cara       KC,MO,USA



Thank you so much Jim! We are really enjoying her! I have already recommended you to my friend who is looking to buy an English bulldog too! We renamed her Babs.

Carrie        ST Louis, MO






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